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This is possibly the best photo of a rainbow ever

The natural wonder was captured by photographer Justin Lee, who was overjoyed to find himself in exactly the right place at the right time. Mr Lee, from British Columbia, Canada, was standing close to a cliff at the Tunnel View lookout when he spotted the colourful scene.

He said: ‘The sun has to be in position to get the rainbow, and this photo was not planned by me beforehand. I just happened to be in the right place at the right time. ‘I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to see such a sight, and just had to start taking pictures straight away.’








During the Annual Pantheons Meeting, the gods of the Dead just look for a corner away from sunlight and bitch about people. 

I’m not entirely sure about how this happened, but Hades and Anubis might be my new brotp. 

#on wednesdays we wear black

this is flawless and I need to hug whoever drew it

I can dig this Brotp omg 

Can somebody do one with Hermes, Loki, and Set, PLEASE?? :)


 Annual Pantheons Meeting, Part 2.

The Tucking Masterpost (Please signal boost!)(TW for discussion and some images of genitals)



Hi! Are you a CAMAB transfeminine person who’s sick of only ever seeing resources for CAFAB trans people on your dash? Are you just coming out to yourself and struggling with Peak Dysphoria? Are you a CAFAB trans person who wants to support the people above? Then here’s a post for you!

This is a…

I’m gonna need every single one of my cafab followers to reblog this for your camab sisters and siblings.

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